SciDrones P.C. presentation at Science Agora Proof of Concept Final Demonstration Event

SciDrones has just presented its final version of Emerge project, at Science Agora POC Program in Athens, Greece. The problem that EMERGE proof of concept wants to solve, is to improve the current process of monitoring medium and high voltage power networks.  The current monitoring methods that are implemented by power grid operators are time consuming, involve high safety risks for their personnel, are not autonomous and are hard to implement due to the topography of the terrain.

SciDrones solution is the use of drones equipped with high accuracy resolution optical and thermal cameras to perform aerial monitoring of the power networks. EMERGE project uses data captured from UAVs to map the network creating all the necessary geoinformation illustrating all the status of the network and the possible defaults due to raised hazards. The data captured by the UAVs are then uploaded to an online web app that visualize and provide all the useful information to the relevant stakeholders to help them in the decision making. The web application, the geoinformation and the drone data acquired form the final deliverable of the EMERGE project.

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