SciDrones P.C. is one of the winners of CASSINI Prize for digital space applications

We’re thrilled to share the fantastic news: SciDrones P.C. Spinoff, the pioneering spin-off company from the University of the Aegean, has been recognized as one of the winners of the #cassiniEU Maritime Prize! With this prestigious prize, @EU4Space sought solutions leveraging #EUSpace technology to identify, track, and eliminate litter from our oceans and waterways.

A year ago, as SciDrones was officially nominated as a spin-off company, our aim was crystal clear: to develop the most cutting-edge system for detecting marine litter along coastlines, using drones and AI. The CASSINI Maritime Prize elevates our mission from a mere goal to an imperative: to minimize the impact of plastic pollution on our coastal zones, globally.

Curious to learn more about our groundbreaking project? Dive into the details here: #SciDrones #MarineLitter #Innovation #EU4Space #CASSINIMaritimePrize

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