SciDrones P.C. has officially become a spinoff company of the University of Aegean

As Dr Kostas Topouzelis said: β€œThe last two years we were trying hard. Trying to overcome the small obstacles forming large blocks in our daily lives. We initiated a new path in the University of the Aegean, and we are proud to announce the first spin-off company of the University called Scientific Drones “SciDrones”. It was hard, it was demanding, and there is great anxiety about the future. A great journey starts, and it is time for us to experience the “dead valley curve”. Thank you, Papakonstantinou Apostolos and Argyrios Moustakas, for being companions on this journey. Also, we thank the Marine Remote Sensing Group team for their tremendous support. Last but not least, our experience with the specific niche market started from the needs of A C Laskaridis Charitable Foundation. Thank you Angeliki Kosmopoulou and Peggy Xirotagarou, for your trust and support!”

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